A place to share your talent

  • Your work has impact. Unlike universities, you’ll work hands-on to prototype and co-develop your research directly with clients.
  • You get the best of both worlds. To combine the intellectually stimulating environment of academia with business savvy.
  • You’ll face new challenges. You’ll work on different projects for different clients across multiple industries and application domains.
  • Your work is leading edge. Executing projects that involve unique challenges and a high level of innovation.
  • You’ll be in a place that inspires. You can fully develop your skills and knowledge in a creative, dynamic and demanding.
  • You get flexibility and independence. You have a lot of autonomy, and the freedom to choose how, when, and where you get your work done.

At IRIS we are interested in enthusiastic and high end professionals that are motivated by a hunger to explore new challenges and to turn their ideas and knowledge into tangible products and services.

If you are interested in a career at IRIS please send us by email your CV and cover letter if you like.